[10.25. 2015]

New York One-Food Wonders

Curry-Ya in featured in this unique NY guide book titled "New York's One-Food Wonders:
Guide to the Big Apple's Unique Single-Food Spots by Mitch Broder.

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[8.17. 2015]

Curry-ya starts offering Baked Curry to Go & Delivery today!
Please note that it takes extra 15 minutes to prepare.

[7.15. 2015]

Curry-ya introduces NEW TOPPINGS!
Please try some of them with your favorite curry...

new toppings

[2. 20. 2015]

Happy ordering online!
Grubhub. Easy & convenient.

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[7. 3. 2014]

Curry-Ya on New York Magazin's Best New Cheap Eats 2014!


Whoever coined the slogan “You eat with your eyes” probably never got around to trying
a plate of the thick brown sludge served with rice and known as Japanese curry. ...Read more

[3. 7. 2014]

New York Post named Curry-Ya's Baked Curry
as one of the BEST specialty food!

Baked curry at Curry-Ya

“My philosophy is you don’t need to fly to Japan, you can enjoy good Japanese food in the East Village,” says restaurant king Bon Yagi, who owns five Japanese restaurants in the East Village neighborhood. His latest venture, Curry-Ya, which opened on East 10th Street in 2007, specializes in interesting curry dishes with diners perched on stools at a bar-style counter...Read more

NYP named Curry-ya's Baked Curry as one of the BEST specialty food!

[3. 5. 2013]

HOST Eden Grinshpan freaked out at Curr-Ya

Eden Eats
This is exciting stuff!!

I had Japanese curry for the first time the other night. I freaked!
Went to a place called Curry-Ya...

It was such a fun, intimate and new experience. It is a small restaurant so go with one or two other people.
It has a bar and a table...Read more

[11. 5. 2012]

Curry-Ya participates JAM (Japanese Art Festivals )on 11/9/2012~11/11/2012

Curry-Ya will join this year's JAM, Japanese Arts Matsuri 2012!

This is the largest Japanese performing arts festival in America. Please stop by and enjoy performances by Japanese artists & a lot of food venders.

For more information found at JAPANESENETWORK.ORG.

[11. 3. 2012]

Curry-Ya salutes New Yorkers. We are back in business after Storm Sandy

Hello all, we are back in business on 11/3/2012 after superstorm Sandy passed.
Please stop by and enjoy our curry, one of the most comforting food in New York!

We respect the strength of New Yorkers and our hearts go to the ones who still struggle through this difficult time.

[8. 8. 2011]

Introducing Baked Curry

Have you ever heard of Baked Curry, the dish is undeniably one of the most popular dish in Japan?

Baked Curry, known as Yaki-Curry in Japan, is is originated at the cafe in small town called Moji Port Town inKita Kyushu around 1950s. One day its chef made curry gratin using left-over curry, and it came out amazing delicious and became a signature dish soon after.

Since Moji Port, located on the northen tip of Kyushu, was prosperous international trading port from Meiji period to World War II, we can imagine how deeply Western culture influenced the dining culture around this town. Results? Please try Baked Curry at Curry-Ya and you tell us!

Baked Curry 2011

[5. 8. 2011]

Try our new dessert at Curry-Ya, Baked Custurd Pudding!

We started serving dreamy-creamy, Baked Custurd Pudding. It literally melts in your mouth!
Don't miss it, it's limted-time only! $4.50

custerd pudding


T.I.C. Restaurant Group participates in charity Dining Out For Japan, Japanese Earthquake relief.

First, our hearts go to the people who endured this unbelievable disaster in Japan.

Thank you for your recent donation to the Japan’s earthquake disaster via a charity titled Dining Out For Japan! We are happy to report you that the event was a big success.

From March 23rd to March 30th, TIC restaurants group raised over $20,000!. We are still collecting your donation for the disaster. Japan will rise and shine sooner with your support! For information, please ask our staff.


Curry-Ya proudly participates in Choice Eats, The Village Voice's Annual Tasting Event 2011!

Choice Eats 2011


Curry-Ya proudly participates in Time Out For Hunger 2011.

Time Out For Hunger is a partnership between Time Out New York, Food Bank For New York City and participating restaurants that agree to support the effort by donating 10% of their proceeds on Sunday, March 20th, 2011. Food Bank For NewYork City recognizes 28 years as the city's major hunger-relief organization working to end food poverty assistance, the Food Bank tackles the hunger issue on three fronts-food distribution, income support and nutrition education- all strategically guided by its research.

For more info
click here:


We wish you a happy new year! We are looking to seeing you at Curry-Ya soon.


Introducing two Yo-Shoku Menu: Hayashi Rice & Hamburg Stew

Hayashi Rice is one of the most popular Western-Style dish in Japan. So what is Hayashi Rice? It usually contains beef, onions and several mushrooms, in a thick demi-glace sauce which often contains red wine and tomato sauce. This sauce is served with steamed rice. It resembles Japanese curry and usually appears on menus alongside curry. Curry-ya starts serving Hayashi Rice and Hamburg Stewon May 1st. We would like you to enjoy them!


We wish you a happy new year! We are looking to seeing you at Curry-Ya very soon..


Delicious news: Same flavorful curry; Better prices.

Heeding the insightful recommendations given to us by our loyal customers, Curry-ya will offer the same mouthwatering Curries for a more appetizing, lower price starting November 1st. The meticulously prepared Japanese gourmet Curry will leave both your belly and your wallet well satiated.What can be better than this?


Your hunger will undoubtedly be satisfied at Curry-Ya!

Dubbed as Gourmet Japanese Curry, our curry boasts amazingly rich and complex flavors. We use two type of special curry powder imported from Japan and ghee, clarified butter used in Indian cooking, a large variety of fruits and vegetables.


Curry-Ya started Happy Hour: 4:00pm-7:00pm 7 Days, all drinks are 50% Off!

Come stop by at Curry-Ya during 4:00pm-7:00pm. You can enjoy any drink 50% off..!


Have your tried Curry-Ya's $8 Lunch?

The popular Beef Dried Curry or Japanese Home-Style Curry (Beef & Vegetables). Both dishes come with small salad.
The best value! Available Noon-4:00pm.


Curry-Ya was introduced on USN Report on October 11th, 2008. Check it out!


Address: ..214 East 10th St. New York, NY 10003

Phone: ..212 995 2877 or 866 60 CURRY (28779)

Business Hour: ....Noon - 11:00pm (Last delivery 10:00pm)

Curry-Ya 214 East 10th St. New York, NY10003 Tel: 866 60CURRY Info@curry-ya.com

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