It was such a fun, intimate and new experience. Such a cute spot with insanely delicious food.
— Eden Grinshpan, Eden Eats
Each curry arrives in its own pot, and with some ceremony you’re presented with a generous volume of rich, brothy sauce
— New York Times
Japanese curries & other comfort-food fare turns up at this tiny eatery with counter-only seating.
— Zagat ( at Curry-Ya East Village )

some of our favorite customer reviews:

"Who doesn’t love Japanese curry? I’ve come to Curry-ya maybe too many times and the food has always hit the spot."
"Can't tell you much about the other curry they have, because the classic curry has vegetables and beef in it and it's completely perfect. So why get anything else?"
"Possibly the best japanese curry I've ever had. You can tell in the taste that this is not instant roux block."
"The staff was so friendly, the portions were perfect (I was stuffed!) and it was truly delicious."
"This is the curry place I have been looking for! Ultimate Japanese comfort food."
"The curry has real depth and sweetness. You can taste the spices, the vegetables that have melted into the sauce, and the base of rich meat and bones."
"If I lived within Curry-Ya's delivery zone, I would seriously consider getting an order of their pork cutlet curry every single day. Yup, it's that good."
" can enjoy scooping all the goodness onto your rice plate and indulge with warm fuzzy feelings."
"Wish I lived in this building, on top of this restaurant to be exact because I could eat here every single day."
"Hands-down the best Katsu Curry I've had outside Japan. Perfectly fried cutlet with zero fat. Walking in the door to sit at this bar-only establishment was even reminiscent of Tokyo."
"First off, I am not a curry fan AT ALL. But after trying Curry-Ya, I've changed my mind."
"I can't believe it took me this long to try Curry-Ya. I can't stop thinking about their baked curry!!! I am literally salivating as I am thinking about it..."

• Curry-Ya is proud to be part of T.I.C. Restaurant Group - Enjoy Japan without Airfare. •